2018 Scholars

Bottom row (left to right): Alliyah Lusuegro, Emily Chang, Erika Perez 2nd row up: Mia McPherson, Mikaila Davis, Danielle Vermeer 3rd row up: Hal Terry, Summer Aldred, Maria Ramirez 4th row up: Andrea Vega Troncoso, Alexis Hamilton, Sam Bower 5th row up: Tiffany Pauls, Jazlyn Marcos, Samara Almonte Top row: Craig Freeland, Nathan Carpenter. Photo Credit: Dave Brenner


Samara Almonte, Western Washington University (Urban Planning & Sustainable Design/ Education in Social Justice)

Research Title“Do Cover Crop Traits Vary across Monocultures and Mixtures? An Assessment of Belowground Biomass and Specific Leaf Area”

Research Mentors: Beth VanDusen and Dr. Jennifer Blesh

Internship Host Site: Washtenaw County Water Resources Commissioner’s Office


Summer Aldred, Denison University (Environmental Studies, Sustainable Design)

Research Title“Diversity and Equity of Participation in Case-Based Teaching Classrooms”

Research Mentors: Meghan Wagner and Ed Waisanen


Sam Bower, University of Michigan (Ecology, Evolution, and Biodiversity)

Research Title“Factsheet Outreach and Social Media Campaign”

Research Mentors: Helaine Hunscher and Dr. Geoffrey Lewis

Internship Host Site: Huron River Watershed Council


Nathan Carpenter, Oberlin College (Environmental Studies)

Research Title“Evaluating Sustainability Attitudes and Priorities of Detroit Residents”

Research Mentors: Dr. Marie O’Neill, Todd Zeigler, and Dr. Carina Gronlund

Internship Host Site: Michigan Sea Grant


Emily Chang, University of Michigan (Public Policy)

Research Title“Dual Nutrient Management in Lake Erie: How Environmental Factors Shape the Viral Ecology of Harmful Algal Blooms”

Research Mentors: Dr. Melissa Duhaime, AJ Wing, and Morgan Lindback

Internship Host Site: Fair Food Network


Mikaila Davis, DePaul University (Environmental Studies)

Research Title“Drought-Competition Interaction and Tree Survival”

Research Mentors: Dr. Inés Ibáñez and Ben Lee

Internship Host Site: City of Ann Arbor, Natural Area Preservation (NAP)


Craig Freeland, Denison University (Environmental Studies & Educational Studies)

Research Title“Criminalization of Energy Poverty”

Research Mentors: Dr. Tony Reames and Dominic Bednar

Internship Host Site: University of Michigan Museum of Natural History


Alexis Hamilton, Florida A&M University (Environmental Science)

Research Title“Spatial Learning in Polistes Paper Wasp”

Research Mentor: Dr. Elizabeth Tibbetts

Internship Host Site: Growing Hope


Alliyah Lusuegro, Swarthmore College (Environmental Studies (Pre-Med))

Research Title“Fat, Food, and Parasites: Impacts of Diet Quality and Infection on Daphnia Lipid Reserves”

Research Mentors: Dr. Meghan Duffy and Kristel Sanchez

Internship Host Site: City of Ann Arbor, Natural Area Preservation (NAP)


Jazlyn Marcos, DePaul University (Environmental Studies Concentration: Sustainablity)

Research Title“Where the Morning Glories Grow: Searching for Character Displacement in Root Traits”

Research Mentors: Dr. Regina Baucom and Sara Colom

Internship Host Site: Ecology Center


Mia McPherson, Michigan State University (Nursing)

Research Title“Grazing Behavior of Daphnia: Investigating Food Quality and Selectivity”

Research Mentors: Dr. Meghan Duffy and Katherine Hunsberger

Internship Host Site: Farm at St. Joe’s


Tiffany Pauls, Davidson College (Environmental Studies and Political Science)

Research Title“The Role of Personalities in the Decision-Making Process”

Research Mentor: Dr. Michal Russo

Internship Host Site: National Wildlife Federation – Great Lakes Regional Center


Erika Perez, Stockton University (Environmental Science)

Research Title“Attack of the Alewife!: An Assessment of Alewife Growth in the Great Lakes”

Research Mentors: Dr. Karen Alofs and Sara Prendergast

Internship Host Site: Matthaei Botanical Gardens & Nichols Arboretum


Maria Ramirez, University of the South: Sewanee (Environment and Sustainability)

Research Title“Herbicide Resistance in Abutilon theophrasti and Ipomea purpurea and its Effects on Herbivory”

Research Mentors: Dr. Regina Baucom and Nia Johnson

Internship Host Site: Washtenaw County Water Resources Commissioner’s Office


Christopher (Hal) Terry, University of Michigan (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)

Research Title“Behavioral Polymorphisms in Lampsilis Fasciola Mantle Lures”

Research Mentors: Dr. Diarmaid Ó’Foighil and Trevor Hewitt

Internship Host Site: Great Lakes Commission


Andrea Vega Troncoso, Brown University (Environmental Studies & Latin American and Caribbean Studies)

Research Title“Model Matchmaking: Developing a Regional Climate Model Guidance Resource for Climate Change Adaptation Practitioners”

Research Mentors: Rachel Dougherty, and Laura Briley


Danielle Vermeer, Arizona State University (Sustainability and Urban Planning)

Research Title“Fostering Transformative Learning Through Role Play Simulations”

Research Mentor: Dr. Michal Russo

Internship Host Site: National Wildlife Federation-Great Lakes Regional Center