Alumni Assistants

Applications open December 2022*

Outstanding alumni are invited to apply to be an Alumni Assistant with the program. Alumni Assistants earn a stipend of approximately $6,500 for a nine-week internship.  A discretionary fund, travel, housing, and food allowance of up to $1,800 is also provided.  
Priority will be given to alumni who have demonstrated leadership abilities, are interested in attending graduate school or entering the environmental workforce. Alumni Assistants may be completing their undergraduate degrees, in graduate school, or working at the time of their application.  

Administrative Assistant roles:

  • Provide administrative support to YCS-ELI Staff (70%)
    • Attend a weekly meeting with YCS-ELI staff
    • Assist with scholars’ orientation
    • Document field trips and other program events by taking photos and videos
    • Assist with media communications – website updates and social media
    • Serve as field trip assistants
    • Help with scholars’ capstone symposium presentations
    • Perform other tasks as needed
  • Serve as Near-Peer Mentors (30%)
    • Coordinate All Scholars activities (documentary film-viewing, other events)
    • Serve as the main contact for scholars in case of emergency
    • Help mentor scholars