Community Building

“I love my cohort! It has been so nice getting to know everyone and, right from the beginning, I felt a sense of belonging.” – 2017 DDCSP - UM Scholar

The Yale Conservation Scholars participate in a wide range of community-building activities. 

“It can be isolating to be one of the few representatives from an underrepresented group, especially in the sciences. One of the things that I found most impactful about DDSCP at U of M was living with a tight-knit, diverse cohort of people for two summers. People came from a wide range of backgrounds and identities and the cohort provided us with a constant support system. The cohort dispelled the sense of isolation and stress to individually represent all people of our identity.” –DDCSP UM 2017 Scholar

The highlight of this program has definitely been the people I have met…I have no doubt that we’ll stay in contact; we’ve become like family.” –DDCSP UM 2018 Scholar